About GDPR Essentials Training - Certified Data Protection Administrator for Businesses

May 2018 brought with it the biggest change in data protection laws in 20 years.

It is a legal requirement for certain business to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). If you are not required to appoint a DPO it is still strongly advisable that you appoint someone within your business responsible for handling data protection issues. If you are required to appoint a DPO it is also advisable to appoint someone to handle the day to day data protection issues whilst your DPO can concentrate on the higher level issues.

Due to the mass shortage of DPO’s and experienced data protection administrators the costs of recruiting one are very high.

Training an employee to become a data protection administrator is the most cost effective way.

Our 1 day Certified Data Protection Administrator course is designed to give any member of staff all they need to be the designate Data Protection Administrator.

Why choose us?

Our training is delivered by two instructors, a practising lawyer who specialises in data protection and an IT training expert with extensive resource management experience. A unique combination.

We present the content in an interactive format and use exercises, discussion and case studies to help further your understanding.


Successful completion of the GDPR all staff training eLearning, attending our GDPR awareness training or an understadning of the GDPR.

Topics covered

      *   Sharing data securely

      *   Knowing your company’s internal policies and procedures

      *   Managing Subject Access Requests

      *   Effective redacting

      *   Breach reporting

      *   Managing staff data protection training

      *   Understand marketing and PECR

      *   Dealing with IT support and external processors

      *   Managing compliance records

      *   Be the go to person for data protection queries

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