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Training in data protection is essential for ALL members of staff who handle any kind of personal data, no matter who they are and no matter how much personal data they handle.

This has been stated a number of times by the ICO (the governing body in the UK). With a huge increase in fines it is important all staff receive some kind of training.

Quite often breaches of data protection result from members of staff not fully understanding what is personal data, opening email attachments containing ransomware or sending emails to the wrong person.

A simple mistake is all it takes.

Our short and simple online eLearning course is designed for all members of staff and provides essential training on day to day handling of personal data. Your company will be able access a record completed the training and when along with their score. This training is ideal as part of a wider induction programme or continued personal development.

Who should attend

All members of staff who handle any personal data, no matter how small.


£25+VAT per delegate

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